Monday, April 10, 2017

North Hills Training Session

Thanks to North Hills Presbyterian Church for hosting a disaster response training session on Saturday, April 1. Sixteen people from as far away as Kingsport, TN attended and heard sessions on:
  • MNA Disaster Response: Who We Are and What We Do - Mike Kennamer
  • Why We Do Mercy Ministry - Ray Carlson
  • 10 Ways to Serve - Mike Kennamer
  • Comforting the Hurting - Rev. Adam Tisdale
  • Sheds of Hope - Mike Kennamer
  • DR Basics: What You Might Be Doing - Mike Kennamer
  • Preparing for the Storms: MNA Disaster Response Warehouse - Mike Kennamer
  • Serving as a Site Manager - Mike Kennamer
Would you like to have a similar training session at your church? Training sessions are offered at no cost thanks to the generous contributions of our financial supporters. Contact Mike Kennamer to plan a training session or to discuss how you can help others by contributing to this ministry.