Thursday, December 31, 2015

TAG Region Bookmarks Available...But There's a Catch!

I don't know about you, but I love a good bookmark. I have several in my bible right now, from one that my mom tucked inside a birthday card many years ago to one that a children's Sunday school class made for me almost that long ago. My favorite is one that my youngest son gave to me on my birthday in 2008 when he was 12. It was clearly used at the time--a little rough around the edges--which to me indicated that he had given me something that he was using. This was not a gift from a store shelf, but a gift from the heart. And I am still enjoying his gift seven years later. You see, a good bookmark can come in handy and serve you for many years.

That is why we had bookmarks printed to distribute when we visit churches for training or to meet with church officers or missions committees asking the church to support this work. I wanted something that people would keep in their bible and use on a daily basis--something that would remind people of the ministry and my need for prayer.

Our bookmarks (shown here on the right) remind you of four actions you can take to support God's work through this ministry:

Pray - We ask that you pray that God would be glorified and that people would be drawn to Christ through this ministry. As always, I am happy for you to pray for me specifically and all the details that come with serving through a ministry. But then end goal is that people would come to Christ and that God would be glorified.

Serve - There are many ways in which  you can serve through this ministry. And there is something for everyone. You could:
  • assemble flood buckets
  • sponsor a fund raiser or special offering to raise funds for this ministry
  • go on a relief trip
  • help organize a training session at your church
If you don't know how you might serve, I encourage you to contact me and I'll be happy to share suggestions. I plan to include a list on the website soon, but don't hesitate to contact me. 
Prepare - A significant part of my job is training and coaching churches in starting a disaster response ministry. Consider hosting a workshop on one of the topics listed on our "Prepare" page. I am excited to get out into the region to meet those who are already doing or wish to start doing disaster response. I enjoy teaching and I love to teach about that which I am passionate. Everyone should have a disaster plan for their family, so allow me to share some simple steps you can take to establish such a plan.

Give - This ministry will operate through the financial support of those who value what we do. Please consider a one-time or regularly occurring gift to support this work. No gift is too small to impact the kingdom, as I will mention in another post in a few days. Please consider joining us as we undertake this work together.

So about the bookmarks...Here's the catch!

The preferred way to distribute these is in person when I visit your church to provide a training workshop or to talk to your church about the ministry. I would love an invitation to do just that. Family night supper, Wednesday Night Bible Study, Men's Breakfast, Women's Gathering, Vacation Bible School, Mission Conference, the list goes on...Just invite me!

But if none of this works but you want a bookmark anyway... Send me an email with your postal mailing address and I'll send you a few. No catch. No obligation. No salesman will call.

In all seriousness and above all, please pray that God would be glorified in this ministry and that people would come to know Christ as we share the story of His grace and mercy.