Sunday, December 27, 2015

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December 2015 Storms

The past few days have brought heavy rains, flooding and tornadoes to our region. While I have tried to make contact with some of you who I know were near the heaviest impacted areas, I do not yet have contact information for all churches. Please let me know if you or those in your churches have needs that we can help you address. You may call me at 256-899-4966 or email me at

Church Contact Info.
One of my initial goals is to gather contact information for each of the churches in our area. While we typically have church phone numbers and email addresses through the PCA, I would like to have contact information for one or more individuals in each church so that we can make direct contact in the event of a disaster in your area. Would you consider designating one or more people from your church as Disaster Response Key Leaders and provide us with emails and cell phone numbers? Please be sure to include the name and city of your church. Please send information via email at

Some of you are Disaster Response Key Leaders and have been so for many years. If so, would you kindly send me an email to let me know what church you are with and to provide your current contact information? 

We plan to provide training for new key leaders in the coming months. Watch our website for more information. 

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